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  • Re-evaluating Lake Placid notable Melville Dewey's legacy in the "me too" era July 17, 2019
    (Jul 17, 2019) One of the North Country's most influential historical figures faces a painful re-evaluation as part of the national "me too" movement. Now the American Library Association has taken Melville Dewey's name off its highest award, citing his antisemitism, his racism, and his sexual harassment of women. [full story]
  • After the flood: Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence River communities seek resiliency funds July 17, 2019
    (Jul 17, 2019) Water levels on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River have started to go down, giving shoreline communities a chance to see how much flood damage there is. State officials from the Lake Ontario Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative recently met stakeholders in Clayton to plan a path forward. [full story]
  • Green group spending $1 million at Tahawus in southern High Peaks July 12, 2019
    (Jul 12, 2019) A green group that owns land near the Adirondack High Peaks says it will spend a million dollars restoring the Tahawus mine property to make it more user-friendly. The Open Space Institute says the money will go to enhance southern access routes to the High Peaks Wilderness, while also preserving and improving […]
  • It's happened before: The long history of flooding on Lake Ontario July 12, 2019
    (Jul 12, 2019) Flooding on Lake Ontario broke records this year. A lot of shoreline residents say they’ve never seen water levels anywhere near this year's, but in fact Lake Ontario has flooded many times before. [full story]
  • How we celebrate our independence July 6, 2019
    (Jul 6, 2019) Fireworks, barbecue, "adult beverages" (as Radio Bob would say), swimming, hanging out at camp, paddling about - we tend to observe the Fourth of July in family, with personal pursuits. It's the height of a pretty short North Country summer, so we dig in while we can. [full story]