This Restaurant Is Selling A $25 Pizza Slice Inspired By The Fyre Festival

The Fyre Fest was a definite failure, but everyone’s talking about it again thanks to a pair of documentaries currently on Hulu and Netflix. And Villa Italian Kitchen is getting in on the hype with their own take on what frustrated festival-goers were served in the Bahamas for what was supposed to be their gourmet food. The restaurant’s “Festival Pyzza” is a jab at the now-infamous cheese sandwich Fyre fest attendees were served – which was literally two slices of cheese, dry bread, and salad without dressing, all sloppily shoved into a styrofoam box.

This “Festival Pyzza” is a slice with sauce, but instead of shredded, melted cheese, it’s got two slices of processed cheese tossed on top haphazardly – not melted – and their salad doesn’t come with dressing either. Villa Italian Kitchen jokes that their $25 “luxury pizza” is an “experience for only the wealthiest consumers and industry influencers to enjoy,” in a jab at the tone the Fyre Fest used to market the event to wealthy types who didn’t want to miss out on the influencer lifestyle. Most social media users got the joke and one said it best, “That pizza looks Fyre.”